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The company Knaus Holzprodukte e.K. was established in 1925

Die Firma anno 1925The company Knaus Holzprodukte e.K. was established in 1925. Then my grandfather Georg Knaus, a wainwright by profession acquired the sawmill Biebl in Mauth. He saw no future for his profession and tried to break new grounds.
Since the beginning he sought an alternative form of revenue besides the classic wood cutting. At first he manufactured round poles made of beech with a diameter of 3 mm minium. The quality was excellent and lead to a growing demand and an enlargement of this business branch. In the years after world war 2 the product palette was expanded by toys and bird cage accessories. After war my grandfather established a carrying company to ensure the supplies of raw material. Since this business branch was not profitable he gave it up in 1967.

Wood transport back then.

A watershed in the development of the company

Der große Brand 1953A watershed in the development of the company was a grand fire on March 4th in 1953 when the complete sawmill and all machines were destroyed. Nevertheless work was continued in provisional buildings during the reconstruction. None of the customers who were acquired with much effort were lost. In 1954 production continued in new buildings. We didn’t concentrate on sawing any longer. it was only used for our own woodcutting. The high quality of the round poles initiated the production of square poles. For smaller diameters it was a crucial competitive advantage if one could manufacture with thin saws. The raw material was very expensive back then.


An exhibition stand in grandfather's times.

In 1976 my father took over the company

After the death of my grandfather in 1976 my father Karl Knaus took over the company. The joiner and wood engineer concentrated on product diversity and possibilities of cost saving regarding the raw material. The thin-cutting-technique allows the production of smallest diameters. The machining of wood parts was expanded through our expertise and the acquisition of modern machines.

Carl Knaus leads the comany since 2002

Betriebsgebäude heuteSince 2002 I am leading the company in the international competition. Besides my grandfather’s round poles we are producing industrially moulded wood parts and mass produced wood articles. As a joiner and with a university degree in manufacturing systems engineering I could optimize the production process and enhance the quality with various special machines. I am building the self-constructed machines in our machine building department. With these measures I can still manufacture mass produced wood articles at reasonable prices with excellent quality in Germany. I also offer my machine building skills to other companies to automate their production processes with special machines.